Storage of Wills

We have recently written to you explaining that following our acquisition of the will bank from your former solicitor we now hold your original will.

Your will is an important legal document. 

Continued Secure Storage with Law Central

We would be honoured to have you as a client of Law Central. Our firm, with offices located throughout the UK, provides comprehensive legal services.

By agreeing to instruct us to retain your will, you will automatically become eligible as a client of Law Central to join our FREE membership scheme, granting you access to our customer care centre for any legal queries.

Return of Your Will

If you choose not to become a client of Law Central, we understand. In such a case, we are happy to return your Will to you. To facilitate this, we require a written request from you, supported by identification documentation (e.g., a copy of your passport or driving license), witnessed by a third party.

Should you have any questions or require further clarification, our customer care team is
available at 0300 373 9313.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and sincerely hope to welcome you as a
valued client of Law Central. Thank you for considering our services.