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Family Law

We know that issues about family breakdown and over children are extremely worrying, and we treat them with the greatest seriousness. Our team always aim to provide a bespoke, confidential, impartial, and professional service. We recognise that family law matters can be very emotional and difficult to navigate for clients as they often necessitate changes that impact our lives in various ways. Our team are always on hand to help.

If you would like more information about any family law matter, we offer fixed fee initial consultations. Please contact us or call us on 0300 373 9313.

We deal with the following:-

  • Child Care
  • Domestic Violence
  • Mediation
  • Divorce
  • Financial settlements
  • Contact and residence disputes.
  • Civil partnerships

Personal Injury and Medical Negligence

We have a wide and successful experience of claiming compensation for people unfortunate to have suffered injury through an accident. We cover all types of accident claims including those suffered at work, on the street, in a car, or through medical treatment.

Such cases need particularly sensitive handling, and the years that we have been dealing with such cases certainly helps.

  • Your first interview is free!
  • All cases are taken on a No Win No Fee basis!
  • Claims are dealt with promptly and efficiently!

Please email us at or call us on 0300 373 9313 for further information. 

Personal Injury

Wills, Estate Planning and Trusts

Wills, Estate Planning and Trusts

None of us want to think about a time when we are no longer here. But if you don’t make a will, your dependants and relatives can be left vulnerable and unprepared at a time of great difficulty.

We make sure we are accessible and approachable, and that we have a true understanding of your circumstances and concerns. Our experience in handling sensitive issues means we can always provide advice sympathetically.

Our services include:

  • Wills and Codicils
  • Living Wills
  • Statutory Wills
  • Trusts – creation and administration
  • Inheritance tax planning using Wills, Trusts and lifetime giving.
  • Probate and the administration of Estates.
  • Post death tax planning.
  • Appointing Deputies and other Public Guardianship Office & Court of Protection applications and proceedings
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Advice to Attorneys and Deputies
  • Advice about Home Care
  • Preserving assets in the event of long term residential or nursing care
  • Advice on financial responsibility and funding for long-term care, including continuing NHS health care.
  • Long-term care insurance policies
  • Home equity release plans

We also recognise the importance of providing our clients with a specialist service and we are committed to the Code of Practice for Solicitors for the Elderly which emphasises:

  • the importance of treating clients with dignity and respect, in a manner that is sensitive to their situation.
  • the use of Plain English to communicate in an easy, understandable language, avoiding unnecessary legal terminology.
  • the possibility of potential hearing and visual difficulties which need to be taken into account when communicating.
  • the availability of home visits at a time and cost agreed in advance.
Planning and Trusts



If you have just had a death in the family, you may be wondering what to do and how to deal with their personal affairs. Perhaps the deceased left a Will. What now?

You may be able to apply for a Grant of Representation. This gives you the legal right to deal with a person’s property, money and possessions (their “estate”).

A Grant of Representation is a Court Order made in the Probate Registry which authorises the executor/personal representatives to administer and distribute the assets of an estate.

In most cases, the process is as follows:

  • Check if there is a Will – this normally appoints someone to deal with the estate. If there isn’t a will, the next of kin can apply.
  • Apply to get a Grant of Representation – this gives you the legal right to access the person’s bank accounts, investments, pension providers and deal with property.
  • Pay inheritance tax – this is only paid if the estate is worth over £325,000 and is part of applying for a Grant of Representation – once you have paid any tax due, you can collect the assets.
  • Collect the assets – e.g. money from bank accounts, investments, or the sale of the person’s property.
  • Pay any debts – e.g. unpaid utility bills.
  • Distribute the estate – give any property, money or possessions to the people entitled to it (beneficiaries).

Only very small estates (worth less than about £10,000) can usually be administered without a Grant of Representation.  We anticipate this will take between 6 and 12 hours work at approximately £250 per hour. Total costs estimated at £1500 – £3000 (+VAT). VAT is charged at 20%.

The exact cost will depend on the individual circumstances of the matter. For example, if there is one beneficiary and no property, costs will be at the lower end of the range. If there are multiple beneficiaries, a property and multiple bank accounts, costs will be at the higher end.

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